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EcoTransIT World est inscrit dans une dynamique d'amélioration continue. Les rendez-vous du consortium, les informations concernant les publications et les nouveaux articles ainsi que les autres événements proposés seront présentés ici par ordre chronologique.

EcoTransIT and NTM start cooperation

The top providers worldwide for transport emission calculation NTM (Network for Transport Measures) and EWI (EcoTransIT World Initiative) have entered into a cooperation with effect of August 12, 2014.

By this step the two initiatives exchange their decades of expertise and help industry and standardization bodies (CEN/ISO) to agree on a globally accepted standard in transport emission calculation.

"This new cooperation is a huge step forward for the benefit of the users of both approaches", says EcoTransIT World tool provider Dr Alfons Radtke. As the tools play a leading role also because of their long-standing implementation and status in the market, synergies are to be expected.

“Ever since our start we have had a focus to help and stimulate environmental improvements for various transport services. One of our initiatives has been to provide environmental performance assessment platforms and tools, aiming to simplify a common communicative language between shippers and transport service providers. By this cooperation we pursue further market alignment that is needed for real environmental improvement”, says Magnus Swahn, Management Director at NTM.

Hannover and Stockholm,
September 16, 2014

2rd Workshop in Paris

On 5th April 2013 the "Third EcoTransIT World Stakeholder Workshop" took place in Paris - Monteparnasse. You will find here information, presentations, pictures and a press release.